African Sea Moss from Tanzania, Africa
African Sea Moss from Tanzania, Africa
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African Sea Moss from Tanzania, Africa

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This is one of the most potent red algaes in the world, it contains powerful healing energy and has many benefits for your skin, hair, gut health and more.

This Red Algae is harvested and gathered from the Indian Ocean, by the indigenous women of Tanzania.

Wildcrafted African Sea Moss is a tasteless mineral-rich sea vegetable that contains nearly all of the 102 organic minerals that make up the human body.

Eat it everyday and as much as your body needs (Red Algae- water soluble minerals).

Red Seamoss supports strengthening of bones, teeth and thyroid, and nourishes the skin. Sea Moss is one of the most powerful plants that can be used to nourish the body.

100% Vegan
100% Natural
Contains 92 of 102 minerals the body needs
Can be eaten raw, blended in smoothies etc
Aids in Weight Loss, Thyroid functions, Managing Diabetes
Food from the gods. It's the most complete food you can eat. The best kept secret for the most delicious and emollient raw food creams. Our Irish Moss, also called Sea Moss, or by its botanical name Gracilaria, is wild-crafted and truly raw, dried in the natural sun right after harvesting– because of its natural state it comes with some impurities, such as sand, dirt and salt, which clean out when you rinse and soak the dried seaweed.

Enjoy our Irish Sea Moss in your smoothie, pudding, rice, soup, or as a part of your beauty regimen. Whether you eat it or apply it topically, you will quickly see the benefits of our Irish Sea Moss at work making you look & feel younger & healthier than ever. Guaranteed.


Afraid your health is compromised during these challenging virus times? Need a strong defense against inadvertently catching an illness from someone? Desperate to ensure you don’t pass anything along to a loved one or co-worker? What’s your best defense and offense? A strong immune system! Irish Moss is loaded with minerals and is also very beneficial to strengthen lungs and respiratory system. Use our all natural, wildcrafted sea moss daily and be confident that you and your family are protected from even the toughest of illnesses.


Offered in 3 convenient sizes: 4 oz, 8 oz & 16 oz.


Immune system builder
Accelerates healing
Skin nourisher
Mucus eliminator
Joint strengthener
Sexual health regulator
Appetite suppressor
Oxygenates the cells


Directions - You can either soak your sea moss or boil it for preparation.

Soaking Method
Remove the desired amount of sea moss from the package. Wash thoroughly to remove sand and debris. Soak in a large bowl of alkaline water. Ensure the bowl will allow the sea moss to expand 3+ times it's original size. Let it soak anywhere from 4 - 48 hours. Remove the sea moss by picking it up out of the bowl and placing it in a strainer. Rinse again to get any extra sand or debris off.

Put your sea moss into a blender along with 1 cup of alkaline water for every ounce of sea moss. Add the water slowly until you get the desired consistency. You now have a sea moss gel that you can put in a mason jar and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks or use immediately.

Optional: Keep the water used for soaking in a separate container as it can be used for foot soaks, added to a tub bath, used to rinse hair after washing, or place in a spray bottle and use as hair moisturizer - the options are endless. Not necessarily recommended to drink because the liquid may contain debris. Remember to refrigerate the water.

Boiling Method
Remove the desired amount of sea moss from the package. Wash thoroughly to remove sand and debris. Add the sea moss to pot along with alkaline water until all the sea moss is covered plus about +/- 1 inch more water. Boil, then let simmer for 20-25 mins. Let it cool. Blend boiled water and sea moss in blender at low speed till smooth. Place in fridge to gel up overnight or use immediately.

With either method, the gel should stay fresh in the fridge from 3-4 weeks. If you've made too much, freeze the excess.

Eat as-is in gel format
Blend with smoothies
Add to hot & cold drinks
Add to dishes during or after cooking including rice, sauces and soups
Add to baked goods
Mix with alkaline water or other healthy drinks including tea
Mix with face or hair mask
Be creative and fit it into your diet & lifestyle

Organic & Sustainable - Our sea moss is sourced from the West Indies. It is organic, wildcrafted and gluten-free. We believe in the preservation of our earth so all of our packaging is earth friendly in plastic-free, compostable pouches and quality sealed for maximum freshness.

iReKlaim’s mission is to help us begin reclaiming our minds, bodies, health, community and world. It’s our individual responsibility to express love in any creative way we can, towards ourselves and our community, both locally & globally, we are one. A portion of our profits are donated to charity.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.