Water is life! Water is a basic necessity to continue the process of life. All living things need water in order to survive. For the human body to function properly intake of water is essential, without water our system collapses and dies.

Today it is known that our waters are contaminated with pollutants. All atmospheric releases of radioactive pollutants into the air, smog, radiative rainfalls, and industrial waste into lakes, oceans, rivers, and landfills allow our natural resources to become catastrophic. All chemical components and nuclear pollutants reach all environments which are no longer natural or harmonious, poisoning the air, glaciers, land, rain and water. This leads to a rise in health threats around the world.

Prill Beads are an economical and convenient way to drink clean, contaminant-free water. Prill Water detoxifies your body – so start small and build up to where you can drink 2-4 liters (L) – per day.


Prills Beads are made from naturally occurring magnesium salts found in brine-rich deposits located approximately 2,500 feet underground. The resulting magnesium oxide is cut into small solid pellets by high-temperature firing processes, making them ceramic-like.

A special energy charging process is then applied to the beads and this gives them unique energizing properties. Magnesium Prills will never melt or wear out.

Prill water cannot be polluted. It purifies pollution and continues to work efficiently no matter where it is. As we continue to use it, we continue to clean the world's water – one person, one septic tank, one sewage system, one lake and one river at a time.

Properly hydrated living cells have excellent dynamics, while water-deficient, or perhaps worse, over-inflated cells are highly susceptible to toxins and diseases. Adequate fluid stasis is directly related to cellular longevity, and cellular longevity is directly related to health and vitality.



1. Place the Prill Beads in a glass or glazed jar up to 5 liters, fill it with plain tap water or, if possible, filtered water.

2. Leave it for 24 hours for its initial charge, and then you'll have a nearly endless supply of glacial, pure, high-quality water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning, along with great health benefits.

3. You can use up to 80% of the water every hour after the initial charge. Be sure to top it up any time the container is running low.


Over time, Prill Beads may change color, either from algae growth due to sun exposure or mineral build-up from hard water. Color does not affect the action of Prill beads. We've seen gray, beige, orange, blue, and green, depending on where the water came from (iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, etc.).

In order for you to restore your Prills back to a clean, white color, simply submerge the entire bag in 3% pharmaceutical-grade hydrogen peroxide, or full-strength vinegar. Rinse well and start over.

iReKlaim Magnesium Prill Beads produce water that is de-clustered into nearly single molecules of water that have very closely bonded hydrogen and oxygen atoms. It even beats the 'clustered water' you may have worked with previously. When you drink iReclaim Prill water, you get the maximum benefits from the water you drink as it goes straight into your cells.